Libation – The Love of Wine


“You haven’t lived until you’ve had all the wine you that you can drink from a vending machine.

How it works: Pay for and load a vending card at the counter for $20 or more, grab a wine glass, position it under the wine that you would like to taste, put your card into the machine, and select the wine and size. Taste a little. Taste a lot.  40+ wines. Rinse. Repeat.

Added bonus: Tapas served, a lounge are, and a wine store located beyond the counter.

Double bonus: Jose and Laura taking care of your every need and answering your every question about the wines the sell and sample. I think they have wine flowing through their veins. If they’re there when you visit, you’re in for an extra treat.”   Kara W, Baltimore, MD

“This is an awesome concept. You can sample wines by three different pours for 3 different prices; 1 1/2 oz, 3 oz, or the full 6 oz. My advice is to try the 1 1/2 oz pours for the hyper-expensive wines. It’s the cheapest way to get the rights to say, “Hey, Bradford, have you tried the Chilean Petit Verdots?” or something like that. The tapas were excellent also. The manager and staff were very attentive and the store has some great wine accessories, beer, and wine to go.” Jim J, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I was there Friday…. probably around 9′ish… They had a guy singing which was very nice. He came around asking us what we wanted him to sing…etc.. The place is comfortable, had some couches or tables, you pick… It was kinda empty, which could be good or bad; I felt it was like almost time to close it was sooo empty….I’ve been there b4 and ithere were more people.

Price? Not bad I guess, if you like a certain wine you like, just buy the bottle and it end up being better… There is an $11 bottle fee. I am not a wine expert so do not know if that is the norm, high or low…

Overall really nice atmostphere, polite and helpful staff. Also tried a cheese platter which was reasonable and good for the price..

I will be back.” Alex L, Miami, FL

“Located at the Weston Town Center.  If you are a wine lover like myself you will enjoy this place. There are over a 100 different wines to choose from to drink by the glass and a huge selection if you choose to buy the bottles.  The only negative thing I have to say about this place is that yes, it is a little pricey, but other than that I had a great time.” Rosa R, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Went there for the first time last weekend.  Place was very clean. There was a guy playing oldies on his acoustic guitar was nice.  The place has nice selection of couches and tables inside, or they have tables outside where one can sit.  There was a good crowd that night.  Did not try the tapas but they looked pretty good.  They have a good selection of wines, one should be able to find a couple of wines that he or she likes.  I stuck with this one bottle of wine after trying out a few, I might have been better off just buying a bottle of it, i dunno…  I will defintely go there again, it was a nice night” Mike C, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Awesome store in a great location. They have an terrific selection of wines and I’m always able to find what I am looking for. The staff is friendly and helpful. The wine machines are impressive: they will give you a card and you can taste different wines from all over the world.” Lisa M, Weston, FL